Our History

2001 – Started one of the first Bully Prevention/Awareness programs in Canada starting in Central Alberta.

2001 – Published and launched the Bully Prevention book.

2002 – Started one of the first programs to send instructors to schools to address students.

2003 – Added online reporting tool as a means for students to safely report bullying actions to a trusted adult.

2007 – Changed focus from school programs to community awareness programs.

2009 – Launched Bikers Against Bullying. Team of volunteers that support students, parents, schools and communities. 

2009 – Started the Annual Ride for Bully Awareness on the third weekend in August.

2013 – Started our membership giveaways. A lucky member is chosen to receive a motorcycle.

2018 – Reached 90,000 followers.

2019 – StopBully.com reached over 45,000 members

Today – We offer training to all community stakeholder organizations focusing on community awareness and youth empowerment.